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   Ancient Mystery Schools were created using the foundation of the four levels of the temple.  The Literal, Symbolic, Irrational or Paradoxical and Archetypical. 

 Four Levels of the Temple

  The first level of the Temple is the Literal. This is our every day world in which we live. Everything we see, smell, taste, hear and touch we believe is real.  This is how we define our reality, which is different from how others define theirs.  We see something and we believe what we see.  We touch something and we believe it is real.  We base our beliefs on what we experience through our sensory perception and through these beliefs we create our reality.  The door is solid so we cannot walk through it. The fire is hot therefore we will get burned.  We see the movement of time, so we believe time exists.  We believe we understand the world we live in. We live in a world of duality, good and evil, right and wrong, up and down, left or right. Everything makes sense in the literal world, life is simple.

      The second level of the temple is the Symbolic.  In order to understand the symbolic you have to get out of the literal.  You cannot understand the symbolic from the literal. Understanding the symbolic is not as clear as the black and white literal world. This is the world of patterns, the shape of things to be.  Symbols are not the symbolic. Symbols are the literal representation of the symbolic.  There are no words to explain the symbolic.  For example, try telling someone what three is.  There are no words to explain three, it is a pattern that someone named and once filled, it instantly manifests as something.  You can only show someone three.

      The third level of the temple is the Irrational or Paradoxical.  You cannot understand the irrational from the symbolic or literal.  This is the realm of creation.  The irrational is where all the mysteries reside.  In this part of the temple, fire is not hot and you can walk through hot coals and not burn your feet.  Or you can stand bare footed in a chamber minus 35 degrees below zero in your underwear for an hour and not freeze.

 The fourth level of the temple is the Archetypical.  This level of the temple cannot be understood.  To understand God is to be God.  Here is where you build your relationship with God.


This school is taught on the first three levels of the temple.


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