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The Healing Session

Touch Healing requires that the practitioner actually touch the client. Differing from massage, the practitioner's hands are relatively still as they lay on the client's body, though one may feel the vibration of energy transmitting through the practitioner to the client as he is working.

The actual session is approximately 50 minutes in duration, though the healing process will continue even after the session is over.

"How many sessions are needed and how often?"

Duration and frequency are directly related to the extent of the condition and the person going through it. In some cases it could be as simple as just a few sessions, or it could take months or longer. Everyone is different.

If a person is undergoing chemotherapy and/or radiation, healing sessions are usually done once a week until they return to a state of health.

If a person is in ICU or Critical Care sometimes daily sessions are necessary until the person stabilizes.

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