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Christine’s Story

     I had just quit the Long Beach Naval Shipyard to become a full-time healer. My daughter just turned eighteen and graduated high school.  The plan was for Christine to get a job with health benefits and I would get a part-time job while I started my new life as a healer.  I was doing work at the Healing Light Center Church to help pay for classes that I was taking and one day while I was working Christine called me not feeling well. The description of her symptoms sounded like she was having an allergic reaction to the antibiotic she was taking.  I told her to go to the emergency room and get checked out just to be safe.  There wasn’t any need for me to rush what I was doing because it wasn’t an emergency; it was just a safety precaution.  But she didn’t come out of the emergency room.  I went to the hospital to see what was going on and when I talked to the doctor he said my daughter had leukemia. It didn’t even register in my brain what he said.  It made no sense to me.  It was more like a dream. He had to tell me again.  I was then told the cancer was incurable.  I am not going to be able to give you an accurate time frame of when things happened because for me, at that moment, it was one long day that lasted for a year.  I was told it was a type and class that hadn’t really been seen before and there was no treatment for it.  They wanted to do chemotherapy for a year to see if would do anything.  But before Christine could even start chemotherapy her kidneys failed and she was put on dialysis.  I had just meet Rev. Rosalyn Bruyere, the founder of the Healing Light Center Church, and just started taking her classes.

       Rosalyn came to the hospital and looked at my daughter.  She took my hands in hers, ran energy into them and said, “Do this.”  That is what I did and Christine was able to get off dialysis.  As soon as she was off dialysis the doctors started chemotherapy.  I asked the Healing Light Center Church if they would put Christine in their prayer line and was able to get groups of people around the country to pray for her.  Do not underestimate the power of prayer.

     There was a doctor who would come to me and say “You know Mr. Parker this chemo will destroy your daughter’s kidneys because it destroys everyone’s kidneys.”  I said, “Okay” and that made me think--if you destroy her kidneys, doesn’t that mean she dies from kidney failure?  So either way she dies.  Christine either dies form the incurable leukemia or she dies from kidney failure.  I didn’t like those odds. This made me extremely vigilant and willful in my endeavors.  According to the doctors, my daughter’s outcome was death no matter what they did.  I ran energy into the patterns of her condition to watch them unfold to see what the outcome would be and the doctors were right--I watched my daughter die.  I knew if I could change the patterns that new possibilities might present themselves. I kept doing this over and over.  Change the patterns, watch them unfold.  I knew something was working because I overheard a couple of nurses talking.  They were saying that they didn’t know what was going on with my daughter because her cells kept changing. 

Time goes by and the doctor comes to me and says, “You know Mr. Parker it looks like your daughter’s kidneys are getting better but this chemo will destroy her kidneys because it destroys everyone’s kidneys.”  And time goes by and the same doctor comes to me and says, “You know Mr. Parker it does look like your daughter’s kidneys are improving but this chemo will destroy them because it destroys everyone’s kidneys.”  This went on a couple more times and then that doctor never came back because my daughter’s kidneys regenerated themselves in a toxic environment that was going to destroy them.    This was a very good sign but we were still not out of the woods.  She was not going to die from kidney failure but she still was going to die from the cancer.  I hadn’t made enough changes yet to get a favorable outcome.  This didn’t make me happy but I had hope.  She wasn’t dead yet which meant we still had time.  And having enough time to create change is extremely important. 

I would stay with Christine at the hospital all day and into the evening and then go home.  I went to the hospital one morning and noticed that there were feces everywhere on the floor.  It must have happened during the night when she couldn’t make it to the toilet and whoever cleaned it up didn’t do a very good job; they just spread it around.  It wasn’t long after that Christine spiked a mysterious fever of 104 to 105oF and the doctors couldn’t bring it down.  Now I had to worry about her brain overheating thereby causing brain damage.  What I had to do was very quickly figure out how to channel the vibration of ice into her brain to keep it cool.  I did this for days.  I would run energy into her patterns to see the outcome of her condition and would watch Christine die again and again.  I continued making changes to the patterns.  I knew if I could get her through this she was no longer going to die.  It took time but the mysterious fever went away and in four months my Christine was in remission.  This meant knocking off eight months of chemotherapy plus she had normal kidney function.  I finally found out what the mysterious fever was.  My daughter contracted hepatitis A, probably from the fecal matter that was all over the floor.  Thank God for the hepatitis A.  Because of the high fever it caused, being on chemotherapy, keeping her brain cool and creating enough time to go through the process, the incurable cancer was gone.  I didn’t find out until years later that cancer cells die off at around 104/105oF internal body heat.

     Now came the next decision, do we do a bone marrow transplant?  Because Christines’s condition was genetic and there was another key factor, it was decided to do a bone marrow transplant.  If I had known what type of nightmare this was going to be I wouldn’t have done it; I would not put her through the pain and misery she would have to endure. Good thing I didn’t know.  Back to the hospital we went.  This time I lived in the hospital with Christine.  I stayed by her side day and night, and slept in the chair in her room twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week for a horrible five months.  Bone marrow transplants have improved tremendously since then; at the time my daughter went through it, it was nightmarish.

     Because of the aggressive nature of her leukemia the doctors wanted to make sure the bone marrow and everything else was dead.  My poor daughter went through three days of massive full-body radiation and chemotherapy that killed everything. This is where one’s skill in working with radiation comes in handy.  The radiation destroyed Christine’s bone marrow and the inside linings of her organs.  From what I could tell, the massive amount of radiation was also destroying her organs. Without bone marrow you do not produce platelets, white or red blood cells.  You are then immunosuppressed; you no longer have an immune system to fight off infection.  Your body has viruses, bacteria and funguses in it all the time.  When the immune system is suppressed the funguses get a strong foothold and you notice it in the mouth--that white stuff is thrush or fungus.  Christine would vomit up blood and raw tissue into a bowl and then hand it to me to see my reaction.  She knew that if I didn’t panic that everything was all right.  I would look in the bowl and swirl it around and tell her this is good, this is what is supposed to happen.  I was looking at this stuff thinking, “This isn’t right.”  And it wasn’t.  Christine had too much radiation; it was destroying all the cells in her body; it was destroying everything.   Because the radiation was destroying her organs they could not perform their functions.  This is when I learned how to use my body as a life support system for my daughter.  I would connect my energy system to her energy system, my organs to her organs, and my nervous to her nervous system.  And by controlling the energy in my body I was able to get her organs to work on an energetic level.  As long as I stayed connected, I could be her life support.   Doing this gave her the time she needed to get through the process.  She was not supposed to live through the treatment.  

    At this point, Christine had no immune system and no platelets.  Platelets are one of the factors that stop bleeding when you cut yourself.  It was very important that Christine had platelets because if she had none and she cut herself, she would bleed to death.  Luckily, friends and people from the Healing Light Center Church came to the hospital and donated platelets.  Your veins get tiny holes in them all time and the platelets plug them up and you never even know it.  Without the platelets, a disaster is waiting to happen and that is just what happened.  Christine started vomiting pure blood and I called for the nurse while I was energetically attempting to plug the holes to stop the bleeding.  The nurse came in, looked at me and said, “What do you normally do in a situation like this?”  I looked at the nurse said, “I call the nurse.”  So in a forceful voice I said, “Take her blood, send it to the lab and check for platelets. If she doesn’t have platelets order them. When you get the platelets, thaw them out, bring them here and give them to her.  Hurry!!” 

     Next was the bone marrow transplant.  Thank God her brother was a match.  My son was in the military and the government let him come home to be a donor. 

     To collect the bone marrow they shove a big needle through the flat bone of your hip and then suck it out. What I found interesting was that they inject the bone marrow in through your vein and it will find its way into the center of your bones.  And that is just what they did.  They put the bone marrow in an IV bag and stuck a needle in her arm.

     That is when I discovered the secret to transplants.  Basically, you remove all of who the person is from the donor tissue before it is transplanted into the host.  It is much harder to do this after the transplant, especially with bone marrow.

       Through this process, my daughter was the only person who had never shown any signs of graft versus host which is what happens when the body rejects the transplant.  One day I went into the lounge for a breath of air.  When you are immunosuppressed the people in the room with you have to wear masks.   Wearing a mask all day and night makes it hard to breath.  I went into the lounge and there were two doctors sitting there talking to each other.  They looked at me and one doctor said to the other that Christine has never shown any signs of graft versus host because her father says so.  The other doctor looked at me and said, “What, from your mouth to God?”, and I looked at him and said, “Yes.” Christine was never supposed to survive what they did to her.  What they did was so harsh that her skin would split and I would have to mix Vaseline with lotion to make a gooey paste and put it on her skin.  It was so horribly painful that for a month she was in a morphine coma.  

   There was one time when my daughter broke out in a whole-body rash.  The doctor believed she was having graft versus host and wanted to take a tissue plug out of her leg to test it which would have left a big hole.  I told the doctor that she wasn’t having graft versus host; she was having an allergic reaction to one of the medications.  They would have to stop all medications and reintroduce them one at a time to see which one it was.  The doctor said they couldn’t do that and I said, “You are going to have to.”  I told them not to do the biopsy. I said, “Go home for the weekend and when you come back the rash will be gone.”  By this time the doctors had seen so many things that they couldn’t explain that they listened to me, went home and when they returned the rash was gone. 

     At some point Christine started to rebel because she had no control over her life.  She was so tired of being poked and prodded and having stuff forced into her that she refused everything.  I had to start forcing her to take the treatments.  One day she refused to take all her medication.  She would not take them any more.  Without them she would die.  So I had to be forceful and made her take them. 

      Christine’s bone marrow grew back in record time and after four months she went home.  The one that was supposed to die lived.  The doctor looked at me and said, “I know you do something different but if she has any one of these symptoms bring her back in.”  I said, “Of course I will.”  One of the symptoms was if her temperature reached 101oF to bring her back to the hospital; it did.  I took her back to the hospital, stayed there for a month and after that never had to go back again.  It took about a year of recuperating at home before Christine could even walk around the block.

      It has been nineteen years now and Christine has not shown any side effects from what she went through. She is not on any medications and is living her life.

     That experience changed the type of healer I would become.  For the last nineteen years I have been working with people with cancer, radiation and chemotherapy developing my skills and techniques.


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